Guru Dudu

Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tours

Guru Dudu’s first trip to Amsterdam with dance-walking tours 

Spontaneous flash-mobs through the streets, interpretative dance around local landmarks, group singing and lots of fun interaction with onlookers. Plus hilarious commentary from Guru Dudu (in English) and the dance mix of uplifting favourites from the 70s, 80s, 90s & 00’s. Guru Dudu is from Australia and a sell-out success at Edinburgh Fringe.

The tours are a lot of fun for the participants and also the onlookers who are at first bewildered and then quickly smile, laugh and sometimes even join in as they realise how much fun is going on the inside.

Guru Dudu weaves his magic at the start of each tour help people quickly feel comfortable to loosen up and to get into the spirit of the fun.

The tours are accessible for all types of ability and people naturally find their own groove – whether it be very extrovert or more relaxed and casual. Feel free to dress up in your most colourful disco wear.

(headphones are provided)

Onderdeel van het Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2017.

Performance & concept:Guru Dudu