ITS Festival: Atta Nasser (RITCS)

A Mess

Life is full of memories, histories, stories and myths.
Many of them are written down or are retold in order not to forget them.
Yet they are changed through the generations and some of them threatened with oblivion.

I dig and I scoop in that pit, full of enthusiasm.
I want to understand in what kind of world I live,
how it has reached today.
I search and I find, but I am never sure what of all things are true.
I am looking for myself in a chaotic basement of accumulated past times,
I am looking at a background that only seems cloudy,
as if I am putting my head under water to see what is happening there but my field of vision reaches no further than 3 meters and after half a minute I gasp for breath.
The past haunts me without knowing exactly what is blowing in my neck.

Does my past stop at my birth or am I part of a larger story, a collective memory?
How does that work?
what is the story?
How can we remember what we never actually experienced.
Do I look in a certain direction because it is pre-chewed?.
And what if you find out that some things are complete nonsense?.
There are events that you remember,
but they turn out to be a delusion, False.
Your world is in danger of collapsing,
because your memory,
your memories are the bricks of your existence, right?

I thought I knew who I was until I asked myself: How did I become.
I try my best to go back in time.
But I keep getting lost again and again.
And I do not suffer from dementia.

I feel stupid.

Atta Nasser graduates from the RITCS in Brussels as a stage director.

directorAtta Nasser
coachJohan Dehollander
actressKaat Arnaert
textsKaat Arnaert and Atta Nasser
designCharlotte Hermant
technical support and lightsLiam Van Tornhout
sound designAdam Russell