• De Brakke Grond for an international audience

    Get to know arts an culture from Flanders

    Welcome, English speaking community! You've switched your language setting to English. Now you can browse our programme for an international audience.

  • Open call

    DocLab Academy 2015

    We welcome talent in the field of documentary storytelling and interactive media to apply for DocLab Academy.

  • Call for Projects

    IDFA DocLab & IDFA Forum

    There are two upcoming deadlines: August 1: IDFA DocLab competition & September 1: IDFA Forum. Application for the Interactive Conference will open on September 1.

  • Terras vanuit de bloemen

    Summer recess arts centre

    The café stays open

    The Arts Centre is cloesd between 13 July and 10 Aug. Our Central Box Office is closed between 1 July and 1 September, but you can still reach the box office by phone between 1 - 8 July and 19 - 28

  • Yami-ichi, je kunt er bijvoorbeeld wafels in de vorm van hashtags kopen

    Yami-ichi Market

    Offline internet extravaganza

    Dutch and Flemish creatives showcase their internet-related art works during the two-day Internet Yami-Ichi / Black Market, straight from Japan. 

  • Yami-ichi, doe alsof ook je echte leven een scrollbar heeft, door Jan Robert Leegte

    De Brakke Grond

    Centre for critical and witty contemporary culture

    "I've only been to De Brakke Grond twice but what I've seen so far was critical, witty and resolutely embedded into contemporary culture".