• An ode to la mode... and more

    An interview with the makers of 'Act! Cut! Play!'

    Fashion lives! Not just statically, in photos in magazines, but dynamically on the catwalk – but also, for the past ten years, in moving images. Fashion films are visually surprising, but the story is often thin as a sheer blouse. The Act! Cut! Play! project challenges makers from different disciplines – theatre, film, dance, fashion – to change this.

  • 'Flash Memory' is back in the lobby

    A souvenir from Jan Rosseel's 'Back-up' exhibition

    De dozen waren al te zien in de expo 'Back-up', die van 10 december 2016 t/m 29 januari 2017 in de Brakke Grond te zien was. Na een korte pauze is één doos teruggekeerd.

  • Act! Cut! Play! conquers the world

    The fashion films have been selected for multiple film festivals around the globe.

  • Act! Cut! Play! featured in Metal Magazine

    The three fashion films "made us redefine and think about fashion and the value it has in society"

    "Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam contained many interesting fashion shows, but especially performances like Act! Cut! Play!

  • Interview with Tom Callemin

    "I like to throw my models off balance," says Callemin, "and search for something that otherwise wouldn't come to the fore. A modelling session should be an intense experience demanding the utmost concentration from model and photographer alike." This results in captivating portraits, which can be seen from 10 February onwards at de Brakke Grond. 

  • DocLab: Elastic Reality 2016

    DocLab: Elastic Reality took over De Brakke Grond from 17 until 27 November. With an exhibition, a series of live events, a conference and DocLab Academy there were a lot of exciting things to discover.