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  • A rolling stone gathers no moss

    Kasper De Vos presents his first Dutch solo exhibition

    As of Monday 9th of April de Brakke Grond showcases the first Dutch solo exhibition, created by the Flemish artist Kasper De Vos. Kasper’s work is an extension of a tradition in sculpture in which he challenges the figurative modus operandi.

  • Maria Baoli, Tears, 2016

    Photography at De Brakke Grond during UNSEEN 2017

    During Unseen 2017 (22-24 September), plenty of photography is exhibited at De Brakke Grond. As part of the Unseen City Programmewe show the main exposition Light Displacement by Meggy Rustamova and a presentation of ten talented Belgian photographers.

  • Act! Cut! Play! is looking for new talent in the fields of fashion, dance, film and theatre

    Open Call Fashion Film Workshop

    Are you a student of or recent graduate in film, theatre or fashion and do you like to think outside the box?

  • Niccolò Montanari
    An article on fashion film project Act! Cut! Play! by Niccolò Montanari

    Be Aware - A Fashion Film Retrospective

    "Though the definition of fashion film is yet to be agreed on, the overall vision of what is being produced should be aligned from the very beginning. The focus should be on deciding how the different disciplines interact with one another, whether any of them take the lead or are there to support and provide visual impact to the narrative. The aim isn’t to stand out as the main discipline, but rather to determine the correct formula to bring the vision to life."

  • Karen Verschooren curator STUK Leuven
    Curator of the exhibition 'On Alchemy and Magic'

    Interview with Karen Verschooren

    “In an ostensibly rational society in which everything is supposed to be quantifiable and evaluable, there no longer seems to be any room for magic or the magical. However, if you use your eyes you will notice that magic is omnipresent."

  • De Brakke Grond on ARTtube

    It's official: De Brakke Grond and ARTtube have joined forces and are looking forward to a fine cooperation. From now on this is the place to be for all your stay-at-home Flemish arts needs.