Camille Picquot

A thin line between truth and fiction

Camille Picquot

The images of young photographer and video maker Camille Picquot (०1990) are both attractive and uncomfortable. She uses photography to build a fictional story, an approach we tend to associate with film. At the same time, she turns certain conventions of cinema upside down by introducing rather curious actors in her film. Together with Fotomuseum Antwerpen we now bring her work to Amsterdam.


Consistent authorship

Camille Picquot plays with the viewer’s perception by toying with accepted norms and expectations. The playful interaction between images and storylines results in a varied but consistent authorship; each photograph appears to contain an everyday scene or action, but look for longer and it’s difficult to fathom the logic behind these acts. Her photographic works also possess strong tactile qualities, materials are touchable and people tangible. Hands and their gestures are a recurring motif, unfolding ideas around motor skills and movement.

The exhibition Camille Picquot is a first thorough introduction to her still young oeuvre. It contains two photography series, Domestic Flight and Total Ground, as well as giving particular attention to her video works; in addition to the award-winning Hollow Hours, for which she received a Wildcard from the Flemish Audiovisual Fund in 2016, we also show her new film Cao Bang (2019, 45’).

▶︎ Curators: Rein Deslé (FOMU) en Wytske Visser (de Brakke Grond)


Camille Picquot lives and works in Brussels. In 2016 she participated in the .tiff selection, Young Belgian Photographers, which is compiled by FOMU. Recent exhibitions took place in KIOSK, Ghent, Marres, Maastricht, and Hopstreet Gallery, Brussels. Her first monographic publication, Domestic Flight (Art Paper Editions), was launched together with her exhibition in FOMU.