Atelier Bildraum

In between violet and green

The garden – that bit of the world we have claimed as our own – says something about who we are. 

‘Engineers of the Imagination’ Charlotte Bouckaert and Steve Salembier go in search of how, together, all gardens shape the landscape, and therefore our world. Using models, projections and music, they create a live universe inspired by Monet.

Concept, direction, scenography, performanceAtelier Bildraum (Steve Salembier & Charlotte Bouckaert)
CompositionThomas Smetryns
Dramaturgic advicePiet Arfeuille, Vladimir Miller
MusiciansJakob Ampe, Benjamin Doussselaere, Thomas Smetryns
TechniquePino Etz, Christoph Donse, Rik Teunis, Peter Quasters, Jannes Dierynck
ProducerIsabel Vermeulen, Jo Mackie
ProductionLOD Muziektheater, Atelier Bildraum, Theater Malpertuis, De Munt
With the support ofDe Ververij Ronse, De Spil Roeselare, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek