Beyond the Black Box: Wednesday

Beyond the Black Box

Discover new artists who break open the existing conventions and experiment with hybrid forms while you roam every nook and cranny of de Brakke Grond. From a spectacular dance performance concert to an intimate 1-on-1 story in a hammock.


Buy your day tickets for Beyond the Black Box through the button upward on the right. A day ticket gives you admission to the production(s) in the Grote Zaal and the ongoing installations.

In addition, a series of productions and installations for small groups is on the programme under the name Up Close. Tickets for Up Close are available on the evening itself from the box office in combination with a day ticket


Currents - Karel Burssens

Dutch premiere

A five-metre long light sculpture whooshes through the space. The sculpture determines not only rhythm and spatial relations, but also the movements of a dancer. In Currents, Karel Burssens explores the relationship between man and machine: how do we as people deal with the ever-changing world around us? How do we constantly find a new balance?

Vanity of Vanities - Sarah & Charles

At Beyond the Black Box, Sarah & Charles present the installation Vanity of Vanities, an eternal Instagramfeed, activated through a performance titled The Creative Spa.

The Creative Spa

In a performance about information fast food, vanity, fiction and the urge to move, artist duo Sarah & Charles go in search of the ultimate form of surrender. In The Creative Spa, a performer invites you into a creative wellness centre, where you can postpone decisions for a while.

The Walden Collective, an ecology

The Walden Collective is made up of a scenographer, an image-maker/philosopher, a biologist/musician and a dramaturge/philosopher. In their view, there are no ‘outsiders’ in an age of climate chaos.

On the basis of their ecological thinking about art, The Walden Collective give form to the communal spaces of Beyond the Black Box. Experience four different installations and interventions from their ENERGIE-series: ENERGIE no  1 OLIE, ENERGIE no. 2 IJS, ENERGIE no. 4 WARMTE and ENERGIE no. 5 HITTE. The collective will work in de Brakke Grond during the entire festival week.

The scenic route home - Emi Kodama

Listen to a story while looking through a microscope at the landscape unfolding through the lens. What can you see, and what can you hear?

This work is a collaboration with Elias Heuninck

Without You - Rita Hoofwijk

In a garden in Japan is a phone booth with a 'wind telephone'. There is no other side of the line. Words spoken through the phone are transported through the wind to the absent other. Without You is an installation set in a landscape without you. What is the world like in your absence? What – and who – is left?

Inter-face - Benjamin Vandewalle

Where do I stop, and do you begin? With Inter-face, Benjamin Vandewalle creates a mini black box where each of us is at the same time performer and spectator. This installation questions the notion of ‘Self’ in a tangible way.

Micro-sphere - Benjamin Vandewalle

The maxim “as above, so below” is attributed to hermeticism, a tradition that deems the macro- and microcosm very tightly related to one another. In Micro-sphere, we take a closer look at what’s actually going on right under our feet.


What will we eat after the apocalypse and how can we prepare for this? In this cookery workshop, Rani Decock and Sien Vanmaele put our daily bread under the microscope and discover a magical universe made of bacteria.

Please note

Due to unforeseen circumstances this workshop has unfortunately been cancelled.

WECK - Eva Julia Bervoets

Can we break through the natural limits of the human body? Or do these limits give meaning to our human existence? This sobering video installation attempts to capture the paradox of cryonics, the procedure in which people who are clinically dead are frozen in an attempt to preserve the body for an as yet undefined future. WECK is an ode to the human body in transition.

Up Close programme

The Senders - Stav Yeini

Dutch premiere

This performance appeals to all your senses. Choreographer Stav Yeini has created an immersive performance in which the audience lie on cushions and experience sensory stimuli. 

Beyond the buildings, the clouds are a mountain range - Emi Kodama

Dutch premiere

A 1-to-1 performance in which you the visitor lie in a hammock and listen to a story. In her work, Emi Kodama plays with the physical experience of a performance. 

Reconstructie van een schuilplaats (try-out) - Salomé Mooij

In this interactive performance, Salomé Mooij reconstructs a hiding place with her audience; escape for a while from the noise and rhythms of the city.