buren (BE)


A kaleidoscopic play with female archetypes that takes as its starting point the similarities between Beyoncé’s video Hold Up (2016) and the video work Ever is Over All (1997) by Pipilotti Rist.


In Ever is Over All, a woman in a stylish blue dress skips as she smashes car windows with a large metal flower, while a female police officer looks on and nods in agreement. Beyoncé swaps the flower for a baseball bat and uses the same gesture set in a story of betrayal. Fascinated by the different images of women, buren in turn take on these two cultural archetypes: Dorothy, named after the character from the Wizard of Oz, and a female police officer: Officer. Moving between fantasy and cliché, they investigate how costume, actions and use of voice influence how a character is read.

Artist duo buren is Oshin Albrecht and Melissa Mabesoone. Their work consists of performances, video, installations, prints, objects and film and covers themes including the female, community, how we live, sexuality, work, pop music and neo-liberal fantasies. These topics are approached with irony, humour and a future-oriented imagination. Central to this is the (de)construction of image and language. Albrecht and Mabesoone play with the meaning of objects, use their bodies as subjects and repeatedly deconstruct the image and the scene in an interaction in which body, object, word and environment fit together. buren’s work is presented in museum spaces and music venues, as well as at arts fairs and in a literary context. Together with Peter Aers, the duo developed the salon To Care as Caress at Vrijstaat O. and, with Frank&Robbert/Robbert&Frank, created the exhibition The Pursuit of the Gentlemen’s Gentlemen at Croxhapox. In April 2017, the duo published the book Confusion of Tongues through Posture Editions in cooperation with Koen Brams.

Oshin Albrecht studied visual art at Luca School of Arts in Ghent before continuing her artistic investigations at a.pass in Brussels. She performed in All the Knives in Z33 and in the film A Way of Making by Frederique Bergholz and Maria Pask. In 2017, together with Melissa Mabesoone, she presented a performance of Rana Hamadeh’s script The Ten Murders of Josephine at Contour8.

Following an introduction to Philosophy at the University of Ghent, Melissa Mabesoone studied  visual arts at KASK School of Arts in Ghent. She has worked for Kunstverein Amsterdam and performed and acted for Davis Freeman, Assaf Gruber and Dora Garcia. With Peter Aers she collaborated on Everything Depends on How a Thing is Thought.