CP - Domestic Flight
Camille Picquot

Camille Picquot, Mister Motley, Hellie Berry e.a.

Opening Camille Picquot

Festive opening of the exhibition: Camille Picquot. The work of young photographer and video maker Camille Picquot is both attractive and uncomfortable. In the context of the opening event and in collaboration with Mister Motley we add a new layer to the exhibition in the form of de Curieuze Club. Amsterdam DJ Helena Naeff aka Hellie Berry invites Sophia and will dj throughout the evening.


Opening and program

The exhibition is a first thorough introduction to Camille Picquot's (°1990, lives and works in Brussels) still young oeuvre. She uses photography to build a fictional story, an approach we tend to associate with film. At the same time, she turns certain conventions of cinema upside down by introducing rather curious actors in her film. The presentation contains two photography series, Domestic Flight and Total Ground, as well as giving particular attention to her video works; in addition to the award-winning Hollow Hours, for which she received a Wildcard from the Flemish Audiovisual Fund in 2016, we also show her new film Cao Bang (2019, 45’).

Together with Lieneke Hulshof (Mister Motley) we add a new layer to the exhibition. In her role as editor-in-chief of the online magazine and as a curious person herself, she looks at the work of Camille with a number of visitors. What are the main characters telling us, how does the tension in the work relate to the situation we think we see? De Curieuze Club takes shape for the first time during the opening, and will return twice during the exhibition. The tour will be in Dutch on the 9th of March. 

For the opening we invited DJ Helena Naeff to play and set the right tone. Sophia will join Hellie Berry behind the decks.

▶︎ Program:
17:00 ⏤ opening exhibition
17:30 ⏤ words of welcome by Wytske Visser (de Brakke Grond), Rein Deslé (FOMU - Fotomuseum Antwerpen) and Elvira Velghe (FOMU)
18:00 ⏤ de Curieuze Club by Lieneke Hulsof (Mister Motley)
17:00 - 20:00 ⏤ Hellie Berry invites Sophia