Izabella Finch © Rubianca photography

Club Fatal

Club Fatal is a club night that invites the performance artists of the future, to celebrate the end, the highlights of the past, and to take performing to the next level.

ARIAH LESTER [Lester Arias] will give you soul, hip-hop and sexy falsettos with an operatic touch, and for anyone nostalgic for grindcore Cactus Truck will kindly greet you with a hard punch to the solar plexus. If you are into pussies then you can’t miss performance maker Izabella Finch alias Priestess Pussylicious, with her wild and informative Pussy Tutorials; a one-woman, kali-clown lap dance, comedy-cabaret, alternative sex education for grown-ups.

Coming straight outta Bijlmer, creative studio is bringing some of their spitting & spinning associates like Ike Melchizedek, Dj Sids, Jeff Croese, MC Brt, Jesper Buursink and Jonas Ohlsson.The astonishing Cherish Menzo & Benjamin Kahn propose some different representations of performance encounters with an excerpt from their performance, and the founder of Young Boy Dancing Group Vincent Riebeek makes the audience themselves perform in Hyperreal Bromance, made in DAS.

As if this is not enough, Jija Sohn will appear as an intriguing hostess to seduce you to enter her world and to look beyond mere appearances, Milou van Duijnhoven will tranform into the intergalactic sci-fi, mythical creature Queen of the Galaxy. As in Elastic Habitat from Janneke Raaphorst and Helena Dietrich, you can only imagine creating your own creature. And last but not least, Florentina Holzinger will end the night with a killer act.

(surprise acts excluded)

22 – 22.10 Cherish Menzo & Benjamin Kahn
22.10 – 22.30  Priestess Pussylicious (Izabella Finch)
22.30 – 22.50 ARIAH LESTER [Lester Arias]
23.00 – 23.30 Jija Sohn
23.30 – 23.50 Vincent Riebeek
23.50 – 0.15 Cactus Truck
0.15 – 0.30 Cherish Menzo & Benjamin Kahn
0.30 – 3.00