David Weber-Krebs & Jeroen Peeters

On Enclosed Spaces and the Great Outdoors

We live in an age in which human activity has a profound impact on our physical and ecological surroundings. How can we create stories, aesthetics, and spaces of experience to deal with this situation reflexively and critically? What role can the performing arts play in the debate on climate crisis?

What remains of the theatre as we know it when its walls crumble and the outside world creeps in in all manner of ways? On Enclosed Spaces and the Great Outdoors is a performative conference curated by David Weber-Krebs and Jeroen Peeters. A variety of hybrid artistic and theoretical interventions are specially created for this project and will constitute a dramaturgy of an entire day. Lunch is included. On Sunday there is room for further reflection in conversation with all the guests.

Curated and hosted by David Weber-Krebs and Jeroen Peeters
Produced byArp for Infinite Endings and De Brakke Grond in collaboration with DAS Theatre.
Supported byDavid Weber-Krebs is affiliated as a doctoral artistic researcher to KASK & Conservatory / School of Arts (Ghent). Jeroen Peeters is supported by Damaged Goods (Brussels)