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Beyond the Black Box

A performance in which your voice plays a central role, a tea ceremony about lichens, an installation that converts the invisible signals from our phones into vibrating strings and humming boxes, a ritual meeting in a hotel room. Work that defies classifications, transcends the boundaries of disciplines and art forms, and breaks open traditional spaces. That is what Beyond the Black Box stands for.


Day-by-day programme

We proudly present: the day programmes! With the help of these, you can plan your route for Beyond the Black Box.

There is both a paid and a free programme. For the paid programme you can buy a day ticket or a passe-partout and -for installations and performances with limited capacity- book a time slot at the information point in the Foyer. 

View the programme for 7 February

View the programme for 8 February

View the programme for 9 February

* On Saturday, the first performance of Radouan Mriziga's 55 at 15:30 has been cancelled. The second performance (19:30) will take place as planned. 

1. Collectief Schwalbe - Werk #8

How does our livelihood shape our life? And vice versa? Schwalbe explores the concept, and will be on hand in the foyer at all times, conversing with local thinkers and doers, and digging into the ground.

2. SoAP - 223m

Five artistic practices come together in a unique collaboration between transdisciplinary makers Johannes Bellinkx, Benjamin Vandewalle, Rita Hoofwijk, Nick Steur and Breg Horemans. These five artists provide a 223-metre experience in and around De Brakke Grond.

3. Evelien Cammaert & Joris Perdieus - Grammatica

Starting with a blank canvas, a live composition of coloured canvases, light, time and space unfolds. A serene and intriguing installation that explores the relationship between artwork, artist and audience.

4. Yurie Umamoto, Pablo Fontdevila, Kumi Umamoto, Douwe Smit & Igor Dobričić - DURATIONSPACE

For Beyond the Black Box DURATIONSPACE was developed, an installation unpacking and recombining the elements from the performance CEEPORT. In DURATIONSPACE, the makers reverse their relation to the audience: they invite the spectators to step into the installation while they unpack the performative elements in new spaces.

5. Nazanin Fakoor - Light Drawing

Light Drawing allows influences in the surrounding environment free rein in a hypnotic light installation that transforms in response to subtle shifts in the air and the movements of the visitors in the space.

6. Karl Van Welden - Homo Bulla

Karl Van Welden’s United Planets cycle questions human transience in the universe. In Homo Bulla, the artist reflects on this notion using still film images of a bubble in Hong Kong and Venice.

7. Nada & Co – The Voice of a City

Take a seat for a peek into the life of a range of fellow Europeans. A kaleidoscopic performance featuring photographs and stories that invite us to reflect on change, displacement, social inequality and recognisability.

8. Begüm Erciyas - Voicing Pieces

In an intimate space, your voice will come to life, familiar and yet unreal at the same time. Who or what is actually speaking? An encounter with the strangeness in yourself.

9. Kevin Trappeniers - Ellipsis

Where are we humans amidst all the autonomously chattering algorithms that surround us? In Ellipsis, Kevin Trappeniers reveals the signals and waves all around us.

10. Anthony Nestel & Esther Arribas - All Things Want to Run

In a new work two performers interact with a cubic aluminium structure. They generate various material realities and meanings, and undo them. An experiment with the choreography of matter, a chain reaction of cause and effect.

11. Nelle Hens - Nobody

Can we encounter each other free of compulsion, beyond ingrained forms and expectations? A one-on-one performance that invites us to subtly shift our attention, from dancer to dance, from showing to revealing.

12. Radouan Mriziga - 55

Radouan Mriziga has gained international renown with his unique, almost architectural dance language. His solo 55 is slow and meticulous, a confrontation between physicality and rigid concepts, sensuality and the rational.

13. Elisa Yvelin - The Conference of the Lichens

Elisa Yvelin invites you to a conversation that extends beyond species boundaries, a dialogue with lichens to learn about their spectacular capacity for collaboration and symbiosis, and their sustainable metabolism.


Beyond the Black Box is organised in collaboration with C-TAKT, platform for transdisciplinary talent, and production platform SoAP. 


C-TAKT is a platform for artists seeking new forms of expression, who produce hybrid work that is not easy to categorise. The research and creation process is sometimes as important a part of the work as the end result, which may take many different forms.
Besides core partners TAKT Dommelhof (Neerpelt) and C-Mine (Genk), C-TAKT also includes wpZimmer (Antwerp), Platform 0090 (Antwerp), SoAP (Maastricht), Musica (Neerpelt) and In Situ (European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space).


SoAP is the production platform for the projects of Johannes Bellinkx, Rita Hoofwijk, Nick Steur, TAAT and Benjamin Vandewalle. Based on the content of the projects and always in relation to the artistic practice of the maker, SoAP and the artist draw up a specific roadmap for a project. This flexible approach constitutes the identity of SoAP, which, as a platform in continuous movement, constantly searches for the right preconditions to shape creative processes.


BankGiro Loterij Fonds

Beyond the Black Box is made posisble by generous support from the BankGiro Loterij Fonds