De Commerce

Cher Ami

Three illustrators and the Belgian band Yuko joined forces for Cher Ami: three animated films, accompanied by a live score by Yuko, inspired by the spectacular stories of three remarkable animals (a dog, an elephant and a monkey) who fought alongside soldiers during World War I. A heartfelt tribute after 100 years of silence.

We Are Public

Saturday December 16th's viewing is part of the We Are Public cultural selection. Reservations by phone.


Cher Ami

The show was conceived as a live concert, accompanied by three animated films. Sergeant Stubby, a dog, used to be the mascotte of the American Yankee Division. He survived 17 battles and eventually received a medal of honor. After the war, he was welcomed at the White House twice and met 3 presidents. Jackie, the monkey, was a South African baboon, serving Albert Marr. He saved the lives of his compagnons several times while fighting at the front. The third animal, Jenny, was a German elephant. In the field she compensated the shortage of horses and hauled around tons of war equipment. She served in the army for two years. 


Combine the show with a visit to our new exhibition

The solo exhibition Back-up by Flemish visual storyteller Jan Rosseel submerges you in his fascination for iconic images and the collective memory. Discover our winter exhibition from December 10th until January 29th at de Brakke Grond. Before the start of Cher Ami, our guides gladly take you on a short guided tour. Those interested are expected at 19:45 in our lobby. 

The creators

Belgian band Yuko has gained a cast-iron reputation for their live shows throughout the years. They released two albums at Unday Records. For their latest creation, they decided to reinvent themselves completely and take a step outside of their usual habitat. So they contacted publisher Lannoo for a new adventure. With this project, Yuko wants to tell a more complete story and allow themselves to be inspired by other artists and art forms. Lead singer Kristof was part of creative collective De Commerce for a while already and had been toying with the idea of using the absurd stories of three incredible animals in WWI. Kristof and De Commerce found the perfect graphic companions for their project: illustrators Ivan Adriaenssens, Roman Klockov and Gustavo Garcia. They all worked out one animal story each. The show has grown to become a beautiful symbiosis of live music and animated drawings. Cher Ami was produced by De Commerce and co-produced by Vrijstaat O and Handelsbeurs.