DocLab: Live Cinema Events

IDFA DocLab and De Brakke Grond present six cinema nights for the adventurous observer 

The most unpredictable nights of the IDFA-program are the Live Cinema Events. These are one-time interactive performances with audience participation and technological experiments that take place in De Brakke Grond. As a visitor you will discover public experiments and multimedia performances but also virtual reality theater and bizarre experiments.


The programme: 

Uncharted Rituals Opening Night
Make sure your phone is charged for the festive opening night of DocLab: Uncharted Rituals. Featuring presentations by IDFA's Top 10 curator Jonathan Harris, human AI assistant Lauren McCarthy (Lauren) and the world premiere of W/O/R/K/, a collective live performance using every phone in the audience, developed for IDFA by the British collective Anagram and the Dutch Smartphone Orchestra and made possible with support from the Netherlands Film Fund DocLab Interactive Grant.
November 16, 20:00 | De Brakke Grond – Expozaal

Way back when, her next door neighbor Bob was Elisa's great love. Now she's 84 years old and suffering from dementia. Did Bob really exist or is he a figment of her failing memory? Audio collective Schik presents the fascinating six-part podcast Bob, reminiscent in both its form and its engrossing nature of American counterparts like Serial and S-Town. For IDFA, Schik has turned their podcast into an intimate and interactive multimedia performance, made possible with support from the Netherlands Film Fund DocLab Interactive Grant.
November 17, 20:00 | De Brakke Grond – Rode Zaal

Orchestrated Rituals
Addicted to our smartphones, we're more trapped in our virtual filter bubbles than ever before. So it's high time for a playful quest for new digital rituals and alternative apps. Featuring live performances by an alarm clock for strangers, an interactive telephone orchestra and a chat room for phones that are on their last breath.
November 18, 20:00 | De Brakke Grond – Rode Zaal 

Somewhere Else
A recording of the experiment with which Micha Wertheim made theatre history: he wasn't present onstage, but was somewhere else. During this one-off screening, Wertheim will—for one time only—actually be there.
November 19, 20:00 | De Brakke Grond – Rode Zaal

Machine Rituals
Robots and computers are more and more like people every day. But would they agree we're like them? An evening of live performances and bizarre experiments, featuring internet artist and AI pioneer Memo Akten (Learning to See), a camera that only takes award-winning pictures (Trophy Camera v0.9) and a chatbot that revitalizes the controversial 1932 Futurist Cookbook presented by Klasien van de Zanschulp (LavaLab) and food artist Emilie Baltz.
November 20, 20:00 | De Brakke Grond – Rode Zaal 

Order, Chaos and Everything
The digital age has brought us infinite amounts of—conflicting and mostly unsatisfying—answers to the biggest questions in life. When the old maps of science and religion no longer apply, where should we look to find guidance? How do we experience the riddle of consciousness, and how do we navigate the unfolding journey of life? In this live event, Jonathan Harris combines three completely different projects from his Top 10 to take the audience on a secular pilgrimage. Join Harris as he explores the mystery of human existence through the writings of architect Christopher Alexander (The Nature of Order), the online chaos of networked information (YouTube), and the digital “consciousness simulator” Everything by David O’Reilly.
November 21, 20:00 | De Brakke Grond – Rode Zaal 


Language: English

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