EKKO / de Brakke Grond

The Sore Losers + The Glücks

Explosive rockers The Sore Losers and Bonnie & Clyde duo The Glücks on stage in one evening in EKKO. An evening of raw, low-down & dirty garage and blues rock in the last of five shows presented by De Brakke Grond from October in Utrecht.

Filthy garage- and blues rock coming from Flanders

The Sore Losers have become well known in Belgium in recent years for selling out the AB venue, as well as powerful shows at Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop. The band – born of a shared love of rock, country and blues – is now also getting noticed outside of their home country. Now they make a storming return!

Support: The Glücks

Openers for this evening is the sleazy garage punk of (in)famous duo Tina and Alek, aka The Glücks. Music blog Cutting Edge described this pair as “rock with all the ballast thrown out; pure and uncut”.