Elias Vandenbroucke & Gode Kempen


KLUSTER by young theatremakers Elias Vandenbroucke and Gode Kempen was the festival hit of Amsterdam Fringe and Theater Aan Zee in 2016. Now the two are busy preparing their new production, they'll perform KLUSTER for one last time at Pop Arts 2018. Join the duo as they land in a post-apocalyptic landscape and try to establish contact with someone or something - in the first place with each other. But nothing happens without com-pi-li-cations.

With KLUSTER, Elias Vandenbroucke and Gode Kempen created a musical and funny performance, inspired by modern life on earth. Armed with synthesizers and analogue electronics, they explore the boundaries between playing and making music, as they continuously search for meaning.

The makers on KLUSTER

Elias Vandenbroucke: "For me it is about a world in which man and machine live side by side, interact, influence and stand in each other's way. It's about communication and contact between people, and how that becomes more and more difficult through the intervention of technology. In the past, you could just say everything face to face, now there is almost constantly a screen in between people. This causes noise, which in turn causes misunderstandings and chaos. 

Gode Kempen: "It is also about our current society, in which we are confronted with an abundance of choices. That all seems nice, but after a while we are completely over-stimulated and we don't have time to process everything anymore. In the end, you lose a part of yourself as a result." 

Performance, music, scenography Elias Vandenbroucke & Gode Kempen
Sound designMartine Thoné
Lighting design Robin Keyaert