European Literature Night

Europe’s intimate territories: Eight European authors on the places of their dreams and nightmares

EUNIC , the network of collaborating European cultural institutions, is for the sixth time organising the European Literature Night in de Brakke Grond. The central theme of the night will be the role of European borders in the era of the refugee crisis. Writers and poets from all over Europa will enter into discussions with one another while exploring their own inner borders. This year, de Brakke Grond has invited Annelies Verbeke to take part.


In partnership with the representation of the European Commission in the Netherlands 

With large herds of people desperately trying to enter the EU, territories are back on the European agenda. This year’s edition of the European Literature Night asks writers to soul-search their own intimate territories whether in present or past, real-existing or utopian, or even dystopian. What, on our continent, is to them a magical place? And what is the worst rat hole they ever visited?

With Maria Barnas (Netherlands), Bianca Bellová (Czech Republic), Hassan Blasim (Finland), Iulian Ciocan (Republic of Moldova), Sedat Demir (Turkey), Mirna Funk (Germany), Noémi Szécsi (Hungary), Annelies Verbeke (Belgium). Moderator: Guido Snel

The Night of European Literature
Since 2012 EUNIC clusters all over Europe, from Vilnius to Lisbon, have been organizing literary events under the banner of the Night of European Literature. Every   with a multitude of app, but everywhere the goal is the same: to present foreign literature in a fresh, inspiring way.
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More about EUNIC
EUNIC Netherlands is a network of National Institutes for Culture from the member states of the European Union in the Netherlands, which aims to contribute to cultural diversity inside and outside of the EU and to strengthen cultural dialogue and exchange. EUNIC Netherlands is part of a network of over 90 EUNIC clusters present on all continents. See eunic-netherlands for more information.