Exclusieve show met bevriende artiesten in Paradiso

Amenra 20th anniversary - The Building Of The Free Church

On saturday the 28th of September Paradiso will host a full electronic mass by Amenra. Besides Amenra an impressive line-up of like-minded artists will be on stage this evening: Lingua Ignota, Alcest, Treha Sektori, Bossk and Year of the Cobra.

Since 1999, Amenra has grown into a live phenomenon at home and abroad. Terms for connoisseurs of the genre, such as sludge and doom, do not do justice to Amenra. Amenra goes beyond those lines and appeals to a much larger audience than just the diehard metal fan. In a cold atmosphere, often devoid of light, they bombard your eyes and ears with a musi- cal and visual epos filled with apocalyptic and (a-)religious symbolism.