Exhibition of listening installations

In the framework of the Oorzaken Festival we will present installations that deserve to be seen, heard, played and tested. All of them are characterised by sound and tell stories that provide access to intimate insights. With works from Sanne Rovers and Laura Stek, Dagmar van Wersch and Bert Hana, Dries Depoorter and Eva Moeraert, Maarten Van den Bossche, Jo Caimo and Audio collective SCHIK.


A Listening Ear
Makers: Sanne Rovers (NL) and Laura Stek (NL)

Sit back in the easy chair, look outside, pick up the telephone receiver and listen.

The telephone conversation is a dying art. Thanks to the arrival of SMS, Skype and Facebook, people are making fewer phone calls every year. But for older people, the landline telephone is sometimes their only means of contact with the rest of the world. Older people who don’t have many people to talk to are contacted by volunteers from the Zilverlijn . These volunteers then call them back every week. Over a million older people in the Netherlands are lonely and some two hundred thousand older people engage in real contact with others at most once a month. Documentary maker Sanne Rovers and radio programme-maker Laura Stek have created an installation based on conversations with the Zilverlijn. Here, they proudly present the première of ‘A Listening Ear’.

(in Dutch)

Duration: 3 x 4 minutes

Thanks to: Wouter Nieuwendijk, Marnix Ike en Monique Lesterhuis

Created in cooperation with the Oorzaken Festival / VPRO / Creative Industries Fund NL



Rebuild Fukushima
Makers: Dagmar van Wersh (NL) and Bert Hana (NL)

2016 marks the fifth anniversary of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan. The cities surrounding the nuclear reactor have become ghost towns, not a soul lives there. Google Street View has recorded the deserted streets so you can take a virtual walk past the dilapidated houses. Photographer Dagmar van Wersch and Google Street View expert Bert Hana are digitally refurbishing the homes, creating kits you can build yourself during the Oorzaken Festival. Whilst building you can listen to the personal memories of former inhabitants that provide you with access to their thoughts making the homes come alive. 

Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke Grond & IDFA DocLab co-production with support from VoordeKunst.


The Birds Know More

Maker: Maarten Van den Bossche (BE)

The imaginative story of Oskar’s poetic quest. Oskar lives in harmony with his environment, a protective wood with rivers running through it. One night, dozens of trees are blown over, and Oskar wonders why. Who and what is the source of this mysterious, inaudible power? He sets up observation posts to try to get to the bottom of this silent, invisible force. He reports on these attempts and his doubts to his friend Nel. He writes to her about how he lures the wind into his ‘trap’ and tries to capture it using his equipment, like a kind of Tintin. Oskar’s 'listening' devices are presented in a moving, attractive way.


Maker: Jo Caimo (BE)

Do only erotically charged stories make our ears glow? Inventor and artist-in-residence Jo Caimo will study the social impact of his Rode Oortjes Meter before and during the Oorzaken festival. The latter visualises excitement using ear temperatures. Does knowing others know when you’re excited make you listen differently? Or do others primarily listen to what you are listening to differently?

Come and test his Rode Oortjes Meter and become acquainted with his other research projects such as the Bluetooth inner ritmes [Bluetooth inner rhythms] which he created by swallowing a Bluetooth microphone and recording the sound of his entire intestinal tract. 


Cloud Messenger 
Makers: Dries Depoorter (BE) en Eva Moeraert (BE)

When we entrust something to ‘the cloud’ we abdicate some of our responsibility. A cloud of computers takes over and sends our written words and images without us being able to trace their route. Media artist Dries Depoorter and radio maker Eva Moeraert link these digital forces to the laws of nature. You entrust a spoken message to the cloud that subsequently circulates like the winds. A website that provides current wind directions allows you to track the audio clouds. When one passes overhead, you can listen to it.

Thanks to: David Surprenant (CA) and Elizabeth Sanky (GB)

Commissioned project as part of All Future Memories/supported by The Art Of Impact.



Audio walk
Makers: Audio collective SCHIK: Nele Eeckhoorn (BE), Siona Houthuis (BE) en Mirke Kist (NL)

This sound walk turns your ears into tiny satellite dishes that capture more than they normally would. The young radio collective SCHIK was inspired for Oorzaken by John Cheever’s story ‘The Enormous Radio’ in which a family can listen in to conversations from other apartments. The collective has taken things even further and captured entire streets. Led by voices and sounds, you will walk the streets of Amsterdam to hear things you normally don’t have access to. Messages not intended for your ears and which can never be ‘unheard’ afterwards. The choice is yours.

(in Dutch)


Continuous/Free admission

Commissioned project Oorzaken Festival


Photographer:Nichon Glerum