Frascati Producties / Milou van Duijnhoven (NL)

Fraslab goes Something Raw: Horns

A New Hero arises. A new, mythical creature enters the era of struggle. In full armour, this as yet unknown DNA is developing somewhere between man and beast, man and woman, fantasy and reality.

A fighter, a new hero, awoken from centuries of coma, dragging many relics along on this trip through time. Brimming with valour, this being dances an unfolding legend in an as yet undefined world.

For Horns, Milou van Duijnhoven was inspired by the world of Alana van den Berg, winner of the EC CosPlay 2012/ and has created her own sub-species. Van Duijnhoven adds to the world of CosPlay elements derived from myth, fairy tales, intergalactic sci-fi outfits from films such as Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy, the modest accuracy of the Samurai, Flower Power and bottomless funk.

Premiere: 14 March

Milou van Duijnhoven is one of the members of performance collective La Isla Bonita. In 2017, she created for Frascati Producties the location-specific production La Luche Libre. In December 2018, the mermaid production Atlantis will follow.

By and withMilou van Duijnhoven
CostumeAlana van den Berg
Sound Leonardo Fontana Balparda
CoachingFelix Ritter