GRIP / Jan Martens

GRIP evenings: Ode to the Attempt

In this solo Jan Martens stages an airy deconstruction of his creative process. Through a series of ‘attempts’, he invites the audience to take a look inside his head and inside his computer.

Ode to the Attempt

For Jan Martens, ODE TO THE ATTEMPT functions in the first instance as a sanctuary: a welcome place in which to experiment after the making of a series of solos (e.g. BIS), duets (e.g. SWEAT BABY SWEAT) and a group show (THE DOG DAYS ARE OVER). The creative process resulted in a self-portrait in the form of a collage: a gem stripped of all its frills in which Martens, by means of different ‘attempts’, unleashes fragments of his creative process on the audience. Dancing, talking and writing, he touches on a range of themes such as authenticity, manipulation, perfectionism, humour and melancholy. Drawing on the history of dance and his own personal history, he blends work and private life organically in this solo for himself.

'ODE TO THE ATTEMPT shows that the real world in which we live, with its selfies, figures of speech and cool attitudes, is a world of performances.' - ★★★★ Theaterkrant

'Workouts for the mind, dressed in cheeky humour.' - The New York Times

'ODE TO THE ATTEMPT has the structure of an investigation, the tone of a proposal and the pace of a club track.' - Cultuurpers

Van en metJan Martens
Internationale spreidingA Propic / Line Rousseau en Marion Gauvent
Met dank aanJeroen Bosch, Kristin de Groot, Michel Spang, Joris van Oosterwijk en alle Bproject Partners: Jheronimus Bosch 500 (NL), Comune di Bassano del Grappa (IT), Dance Umbrella London (UK) , La Briqueterie/CDC du Val de Marne (FR), D.ID Dance Identity (AT), Festival CEMENT (NL), Dansateliers Rotterdam (NL)
Duur30 minuten
Première26 maart 2014, Festival Cement ‘s- Hertogenbosch (NL)