An attempt to restructure life

The theatre makers zoom out to the complex diversity of existence, untill the bigger picture becomes clear. Sighing in gratification at the idea of an overview. Like when, in a plane taking off, suddenly you recognise the structure of the chaotic city.




Language No Problem

This performance is in English

BOG. comes from the Dutch word boog, which can be translated as arc.
BOG. refers to creating a cycle, an overall picture of all of human life.
BOG. tries to restructure life in its on way.
BOG. searches for the blueprint of the “thing” that later will be called your life.    

Duration of the performance

1 hour 15

About BOG.

BOG. is the Dutch-Flemish collection of theatremakers / performers Judith de Joode, Benjamin Moen, Sanne Vanderbruggen and Lisa Verbelen.

BOG. is founded in 2013 and named after their first performance BOG. An attempt at restructering life.

The work of BOG. is driven by the longing for an overview, for naming, folding out, zooming out, rearranging, categorizing and summarizing of all the things that we humans tries to capture but are too big to grasp.

After their first performance, BOG. made the performances MEN. (2014) and GOD. (2015) and ONE. solo by Lisa Verbelen (2015).
In their work so far, the musicality, meaning and form of language are of equal importance.
This is the first time BOG. is performed in English.

At the moment, BOG. is working on the open air performance OER. that is to been seen at Oerol Festival (Terschelling), Over het IJ Festival (Amsterdam) and Theater aan Zee (Oostende).

By and withLisa Verbelen, Sanne Vanderbruggen, Benjamin Moen, Judith de Joode
Final directionErik Whien
DramaturgyRoos Euwe
ProductionAnne Baltus
PublicityDieke van der Spek
Decorconsists of some belongings of Mies Regina van Gemeren (1929-2013)
Thanks toall the people with whom BOG. wrote letters
With the support ofThe Flemish Government, de Brakke Grond, Stichting Dioraphte
TranslationEmma Wierda, Benjamin Moen