Industry programme Oorzaken Festival

Especially for radio and other story makers an industry day featuring workshops, a meet-up, meet the money sessions and a masterclass from Eleanor McDowall. Furthermore, on Saturday, admission to the Podcast Party. 

You can make a choice between these workshops:


  • Workshop with Benjamen Walker

The podcasts by Benjamen Walker (USA, Theory of Everything, Radiotopia) stand out thanks to the supple, almost essayistic style of his voice-over narration. How do you write good texts for a radio report, documentary or podcast? Walker will be giving us some pointers in this workshop. He will do this on the basis of a new series of episodes he is currently working on, about the world behind the adverts we see – consciously or unconsciously – every day on the internet. 

(workshop in English)

10:30-12:30, VPRO Zaal


  • Workshop with Rikke Houd            

Rikkes poetic documentaries have been aired all around the world (BBC, NRK, SR, DR, CBC, ABC...). In this workshop Rikke will talk about stories that work with different layers of time in the narrative and stories that require that we go back in time - and about doing this without loosing the intensity and presence of the documentary. The talk will be illustrated by her celebrated documentary The Woman On The Ice and other pieces. 

10:30-12:30, Luisterlounge


  • Workshop with Marlies Cordia

Radio play director Marlies Cordia is the authority in the field of Dutch-language radio drama: in 1988 she won the Zilveren Reissmicrofoon for her entire oeuvre. Cordia’s Hoorspelfabriek recorded over 40 radio plays. Bring your own dialogue, it will be discussed during the workshop. Please send it in a Word-document to by 27th of September. If you would like to present a short audio-fragment, please bring it with you on a cd. 

(Language: Dutch)

9:30-12:30, Bovenkamer


  • Workshop with Duncan Speakman

Duncan’s performances uses intimate in-ear stories, music and mass participation to explore the politics of public space and mobile technology, creating events across the world from New Zealand to New York. This workshop will look both at his approaches to mobile audio, as well as how he turns passive listeners into active performers (with no embarrassing dance routines).

10:30-12:30, Studio



Meet other radio makers at this meet-up. Including lunch and the première of the SCHIK collective’s audio walk.


Meet the money sessions

No lack of ideas, but how do you ensure a radio documentary, radio play, podcast or audio tour is actually made? On industry day you can speed date with broadcasting directors, newspaper and magazine editors as well as fund and museum staff. Seize the opportunity and pitch your idea! Also, the Initiative Narrative Journalism Netherlands will present the winner of their podcast competition.

14:30-15:30, above the bar


Masterclass Eleanor McDowall

Delve into a world of audio in languages you don't speak. From expletive-fuelled pep talks to underground drug deals, coming of age at summer camp to parallel worlds. An exploration of global audio and what might get lost in translation. How can we capture the musicality, the humour, the emotion in the silences when we try to present audio documentaries across language barriers? A listening-driven session of subtitled audio presented by Radio Atlas.

17.00-18.30, VPRO Zaal


Part of Oorzaken Festival

Oorzaken Festival presents an ode to audio stories and stimulates adventurous listeners with fascinating, beautiful, moving tales from around the world. We seek out the boundaries of creating radio and provide a stage to today’s most innovative makers. The festival theme is 'eavesdropping'.

There is a global surge of podcasts and indie radio. The best stories and many new works will be played during a jam-packed festival programme at de Brakke Grond. These can be listened collectively in the theatre, but also cruising down the canals or whilst walking through the city.
Discover the festival programma here.



You can purchase a maximum of 2 tickets per person. Ordering involves selecting one of the workshops.

The programme was compiled by radio makers Tjitske Mussche, Maartje Duin, Katharina Smets and programmer Veerle Devreese.

You can find the timetable of the industry day here.