Jasper Rigole

81 things I thought I had forgotten

For the first time Jasper Rigole - Young Belgian Art Prize winner - a large solo exhibition in Holland. For ten years Jasper Rigole has developed his fictitious institute IICADOM (the International Institute for the Conservation, Archiving and Distribution of Other People’s Memories). De Brakke Grond and Z33 are showing an overview of the project while opening up its accompanying archive. Collections of objects, 8mm films, photos, tapes and different souvenirs occasion an individual show that continuously blends personal and collective recollections, institutional precision and pure chance, fact and fiction.


Opening hours

Mon - Fri 11h-18h00, Sat - Sun 13h00 – 18h00
The exhibition is open during evening programmes in De Brakke Grond. 

The found ‘memory documents’ that Rigole collects and archives form the basis of films and audio-visual installations, of the interactive IICADOM website and performances. Old recordings, images and sounds, lost jigsaw puzzle pieces and abandoned family photos are
reused, categorised, and correlated in a very particular way.

Coincidence, association and serendipity are core factors in Rigole’s developing oeuvre: ‘Often things cross my path and only when I have discovered them do I realise I was looking for them. Frequently, one directly leads to the next, seemingly without direct causal connection. As such things get connected that seem entirely unrelated at first sight and yet clearly belong together. That is the paradoxical nature of the found pieces: there is always the potential they will fit together.’

The exhibition 81 things plans to give an overview of how the IICADOM has developed the past ten years yet is it not a retrospective. IICADOM is a project in progress and is brought about for the first time in all its facets and on a large scale at Z33. A number of existing audio-visual installations like Paradise Recollected, Outnumbered, Attraction and Temps Mort enter into dialogue with each other. Next to audio-visual works Rigole is premiering his collection of found objects that are part of the archive as recollection objects, comprising playing cards, old notebooks, washers, scribbled notes, etc.

Central to the exhibition is the 14-metre long table An Elementary Taxonomy of Collected Memory that showcases Rigole’s film archive that constitutes over 1,000 home movies. This new continuous perpetual installation materialises the archive and serves as basis for the show’s concept and scenography. The modular structure functions as a leitmotiv throughout the exhibition and connects the individual works. The works can be said to be headwords that together make up a whole. The different modules  function alternately as plinth, filing cabinet and showcase and were designed by Thomas Lommée according to his OpenStructures method.

The exhibition is open till Sunday 31 January 2016 and a co-production of Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke and Z33, Huis voor Actuele Kunst, Hasselt (BE).



Teaser for the expo


The exhibition opens Sun 13 Dec at 16uh00. 
During the opening, the musical performance Cinema Invisible will take place.

co-production Z33 & De Brakke Grond
thanks to KASK
photo's Kristof Vrancken & Claire Bontje