Masterclass Benjamen Walker

In this masterclass Benjamen Walker will give participants an insight into his podcast practice.

Early in 2015, Benjamen Walker dedicated three episodes of his popular podcast Theory of Everything (Radiotopia) to the influence of gentrification on New York, referring to this as the “Airbnb economy”. Once there is a coffee bar locals can’t afford to use on every street corner, New York will just be a tourist destination, rather than a place where people can live as a permanent resident. But, Walker concludes, as well as the streetscape this ‘sharing economy’ is also changing the way New Yorkers think, their dreams and the art they make. And critical voices are now also being raised in other world cities, including Amsterdam, talking about gentrification and the role the sharing economy is playing in this. 

In this masterclass, Walker will give the participants a look behind the scenes. How did he come up with this series, what has changed since then? What didn’t make the final cut and what have the responses been like?