Bart Grietens

Michiel Deprez and Pieter Visser

Fase (8+)

Fase is an unrelenting stream of projectiles, fifteen hundred attempts without time to reflect on success or failure. Performer and tennis ball machine perform together in a choreography of falling balls, which seems to last indefinitely.

Fase is a circus performance that takes the deconstruction of juggling as a starting point. One performer only focuses on catching objects and on their flight. His opponents are tennis ball machines.

In the performance the audience is given the time to fully absorb this simple situation. One man versus three machines, trying to catch all the balls that come his way. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The sound of the electric motors buzzes as the stage slowly fills up with fluorescent yellow. How does this affect a person?

Fase can be about circus, about the relationship between people and technology, about life. But perhaps all those interpretations and meanings stand in the way of a different kind of experience. One in which we simply look and listen to what “is” and not what it could mean.

Creation and performanceMichiel Deprez en Pieter Visser
ConceptMichiel Deprez
Sound designJulian Vogel
Lighting designJoan Van Loon
Kindly supported byPlan Brabant, Het Klooster Breda, De NWE Vorst, Festival Circolo, Podium Bloos en Circuscentrum Vlaanderen
Special thanks toPetra Eikelenboom en Ruben Mardulier