Oneka von Schrader (AT/BE/NL)


Dance, hitch up your skirts: five female dancers bring a personal ode to the female sex. 

While the Greek goddess Demeter was mourning her daughter, her friend Iambe was the only one who could make her smile again – by hitching up her skirts. And when the Japanese sun goddess was feeling down, the goddess of dance managed to cure her blues with a hilarious striptease. All over the world, stories are told of the healing powers of the female sex – vaginas that cure depression, protect whole cities and even drive away bears. In Superdance, five female dancers bring their own ode to the female sex as a source of power and lust for life. They do away with the image of the vagina as a hole or void and make short work of the persistent clichés that have come to surround the bodies of female dancers. The aim is to surpass an ironic, contemplative perspective and seduce dance into once again enchanting the audience – by hitching up its skirts.

Premiere: 17 March

Performer and choreographer Oneka von Schrader (1987) studied Shiatsu in Austria and modern dance at SNDO in Amsterdam. Her work has been compared with the work of makers such as Trisha Brown, Meg Stuart and Deborah Hay, all of whom use the body as a place of potential for freedom and expressiveness. In recent years, she has created, among others, the solo performance She and Panda Express – a tea ceremony for the senses that gets completely out of hand.

ChoreographyOneka von Schrader
DancePaula Chaves, Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen, Andrea Zavala Folavche, Fleur van den Berg & and Sigrid Stigsdatter
DramaturgyLisa Skwirblies
Video and objectsSusanna Brenner
ProductionCharlot van de Meer
Co-productionVeem House for Performance, Life Long Burning (Culture Programme of the European Union) & Frascati Theater
Technical adviceRamses van den Hurk
Thanks toJija Sohn, Tiana Hemlock, Nicole Beutler, Felix Ritter, Louis Vanhaverbeke, Maciej Sado, Aitana Cordero, Burkhard Körner & Aleksandra Lemm