Opening exhibition: 'On Alchemy and Magic'

After a successful first exhibition in STUK, Leuven, Artefact establishes a second act at de Brakke Grond: an exhibition on the hyperrationality of thechnology. 


On the 12th of May at 18:00, a new exhibition opens in De Brakke Grond: On Alchemy and Magic. ​The opening takes place during FIBER Festival, a festival that focuses on audiovisual art, digital culture and electronic music. Together with FIBER, De Brakke Grond invites Artefact for a second part of their succesful exhibition: The Act of Magic


On Alchemy and Magic

From automated consumer electronics and computer information systems to high frequency trading, complex systems are mapping, intervening and creating the experience of the everyday in contemporary society. Their internal logic seems to be hyper-rational, beyond what most human minds can come to understand, intentionally designed to surpass it. But in its far-driven logical functioning, these systems seem to be touching that which goes beyond the rational. Is there a bridge to be made between the hyper-rational and the irrational? How do we make sense of it? And how can concepts such as ‘alchemy’ and ‘magics’ assist in a different understanding of these systems? Will this in fact result in a different relation with these systems? Or do we continue to struggle in a distanced dark?


With Tobias Revell (GB), Frederik De Wilde (BE), Femke Herregraven (NL), RYBN.ORG (FR), Natalie Kane (GB) en Verena Friedrich (DE).

Curator: Karen Verschooren / STUK.


18:00 - 18:30: Panel discussion with Tobias Revell, and Femke Herregraven, moderated by curator Karen Verschooren.

The opening is free of charge, and there is no need to make a reservation for the panel discussion. First come, first serve!

De opening is open for visitors until 20:00.

Campaign image'The Finite State Fantasia' (2016), Tobias Revell. Installation view STUK © Kristof Vrancken
Femke Herregraven, 'Subsecond Flocks – When you startle awake at four in the morning it’s not because you’re feeling happy', 2016, 2016, detail, Neoliberal Lulz / Carroll/Fletcher, London (UK)