Rehearsal 03: Walkthrough

White Horse/ Twin Horse

For White Horse/Twin Horse, Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen utilize the theatrical infrastructure of De Brakke Grond to present, transform and research their work in a series of iterations. The third rehearsal of the exhibition is an interpretation by artist and writer Tyler Coburn. 

In preparation for White Horse/Twin Horse, Cohen and Van Balen entered into couples therapy; transcripts of these sessions form a script that two actors periodically rehearse throughout the exhibition. Tyler Coburn's act builds a connection between these sessions and the artists' ongoing investigation of what they call the 'invisible landscapes inside consumer products'. What happens, Coburn wonders, when we also treat the self as a black box, mining its landscape for signs at once familiar and surprising?

For his act, Coburn has stripped the exhibition of artworks, storing those that fit in a single room. Why he chose to do this, why the voiles of Avant Tout, Discipline hang like theater curtains, why in one gallery lingers a bestial scent are questions in search of answers. An exhibition walkthrough, conducted by Esther Mugambi, may clarify or further confound the matter.


The exhibition walkthroughs will take place on Sunday January 7 at 4 pm and 5.15 pm and on Tuesday January 9 at 5.30 pm. Places are limited so please make your reservation by sending an e-mail to


Judith Vrancken is an art critic and writer associated with Nederlands Dans Theater. She is the writer-in-residence at De Brakke Grond during the course of White Horse/ Twin Horse (Dec 10, 2017 - Jan 28, 2018). After each rehearsal her textual reflections on all five iterations will stay in the space as a remaining imprint. Read her reflection upon rehearsal 03 here


About Tyler Coburn 

Tyler Coburn is an artist and writer based in New York. His work has been presented at South London Gallery; Kunsthalle Wien; CCA Glasgow; Western Front, Vancouver; Grazer Kunstverein; UCCA, Beijing; Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp; and Sculpture Center, New York, among others. Coburn participated in the 11th Gwangju Biennale and in the 10th Shanghai Biennale. His writing has appeared in e-flux journal, Frieze, ArtReview, Metropolis M, and Mousse.


  • 9 - 20 Dec: Rehearsal 01 Index by Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen
  • 21 Dec - 6 Jan: Rehearsal 02 Moonbouncing by curator Samuel Saelemakers
  • 7 - 12 Jan: Rehearsal 03 Walkthrough by artist and writer Tyler Coburn 
  • 13 - 28 Jan: Rehearsal 04 Dormant remains by curator Christina Li 
  • [to be confirmed]: Rehearsal 05 by artistic director Anne Breure 
  • 26 Jan: Rehearsal/ Repetition. During this study day, the artists, the public and Z33 will reflect on the past rehearsals.
Image Avant Tout Discipline, © Tyler Coburn
In coproduction with Z33, huis voor actuele kunst (Hasselt, BE)