Six video artist explore a unified Europe

Vastbesloten Verlangens / Resolved Desires

In Vastbesloten Verlangens / Resolved Desires six filmic works by six artists explore what lies at the heart of a unified Europe. Continue reading below.

Resolved and desiring, but also determined and reaffirming, are reciprocal terms in the Maastricht Treaty, signed on 7 February 1992 by the then twelve European member states. The filmmakers point to the historical facts that characterised the beginning of the 20th century in Europe and shed light on a contemporary quest: what is now left of the euphoria felt by the member states in Maastricht and ­– most importantly – in Europe at that time? The exhibition comprises unique interpretations of echoes from the past, the consequences of the treaty and relations today.

Ive Stevenheydens is a curator and a freelance art critic. He works for Argos, centre for art and Media in Brussels and Metropolis M.

Belgique Magazine: Brussel in Europa, 1963. 9’28”

Teresa Cos
Astrology of A Friday, 2016. 10’30”

Jan Locus
Confusing Drum, 2016. 11’05”

Wendy Morris
Bully Beef, 2007. 6’02”

Ria Pacquée 
GROUP, 2011-2018. 3’41”

An van. Dienderen
Yzer, 1994. 3’11”