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HEREAFTER | Conferentie

Under the heading HEREAFTER, Sonic Acts Festival 2019 aims to explore the genesis of our current crisis – and what happens hereafter – by reflecting on the issues we are forced to confront on a daily basis: that is, the gooey mesh of global capitalism.

Conference and film programme

The inequalities caused by colonisation and geostrategic manoeuvring, the challenges posed by the climate crisis and immigration, the ever-present exploitation and precarity of the work force, and the way technological advancements disrupt and not emancipate: the origins of our current crisis, and what will happen next, (hereafter) is central to this year's conference, film program and exhibition of Sonic Acts.

For the festival’s three-day conference and film programme Sonic Acts invites a diverse group of artists and theorists – philosopher and feminist theoretician Rosi Braidotti, activist art writer Gregory Sholette, researcher Ramon Amaro, filmmaker and DJ Ephraim Asili, media analyst and cultural critic Flavia Dzodan, curator Annie Fletcher, and artists The Otolith Group, Tony Cokes, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, to mention only a few. Collectively, they share a sensitivity towards the problematic ‘legacies’ of our past and are actively engaged in addressing these important topics through nuanced voices. Now more than ever we need their alternative interpretations, readings, proposals, and visions to activate and prepare us for what comes hereafter.

This year’s film programme, running parallel to the conference, offers several speakers the possibility to expand their lectures with moving images.

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