Sonic Soirée #43

The Germans (BE)

Every month we scout musical talents from the Low Countries, looking for those pop and rock bands that make our hearts beat faster, dare to take that extra step and break through boundaries like they mean it. From sturdy rock to melodic jazz, from cool electronic sounds to fragile intimate folksongs: we present the musical diamonds from Flanders and The Netherlands at Sonic Soiree.

The Germans

The Germans is an edgy Belgian noise-rock band influenced by other Belgian bands such as Evil Superstars and Millionaire, but also by krautrock and American bands such as Pixies and Pavement. Click to listen:

Flemish Voodoo, it is real."

- Mauro Pawlowski about The Germans

Echo Beatty

Echo Beatty is a duo of rambling souls. Armed with an old organ, a vibraphonette, a set of hair combs, guitars, metal springs, a loop station and a drum, they roam the sonic steppes searching for rapture. She sings her soul out and he enfolds her in atmospheric sound tapestry. Echo Beatty evokes disturbing beauty that can sound vast and forbidding as well as soft and vulnerable at the same moment.


A unique sound, floating somewhere between Portishead, PJ Harvey and Beach House."

- Pieter Coupé in newspaper De Morgen