Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker

Steven Michel

GRIP evenings: They might be giants

In this dance performance which balances between advanced Tik Tak and Bauhaus for beginners, Steven Michel gives form to his fascination for sound, rhythm, animation and image. Bringing to life an imaginary universe on stage, he takes the audience to a place where music and image excite their imagination and confuse their perception of what is actually happening.

They might be giants

Out of an ongoing fascination for the audio-visual relationship in performance, Steven Michel treats the elements ‘light’, ‘scenography’, ‘music’ and ‘physical presence’ equally in THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS. The movement he creates is interwoven with the music by Anna Meredith, the light design by Hans Meijer and the scenography which was designed by the artist duo Sarah&Charles. The result of this approach is a synesthetic symphony: an optical fantasia where the ear can see and the eye can hear. The audience is invited to travel parallel worlds of sound and image, where the distinction between art and entertainment fades. With its form, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS poses questions about the relationships between the artificial, the natural, the lively, the lifeless, the ethereal and the monumental.

“Fascinating to see how, out of a bare back on its head with a turquoise pair of shorts on top, you're spontaneously going to make a little puppet. With strange little arms.' - ★★★★★ Cultuurpers

'It’s a journey where every point of reference is scattered, like a strange trip at the edge of science fiction, where space and body are in absolute and perfect communion with the music.' - IO Gazette

Van & metSteven Michel
MuziekAnna Meredith
LichtontwerpHans Meijer
AdviesJan Martens
KostuumHannah Christeson
ProductieCurtain Call Productions
Internationale spreidingA Propic / Line Rousseau en Marion Gauvent
CoproductieWorkspacebrussels, TAKT Dommelhof, Cement festival, CAMPO
Met financiële steun van de Vlaamse Gemeenschapsscommissie van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest
Met dank aanSTUK, wpZimmer, GRIP
Duur45 minuten
Première18 februari 2016