Tom Callemin

De Brakke Grond presents the photographic universe of Tom Callemin (BE, 1991), in cooperation with Fotomuseum provincie Antwerpen (FOMU).


Solo exhibition

In a world in which we face a constant barrage of images, when everyone takes hundreds of snapshots a month with their smartphones, Tom Callemin’s work reads like an ode to slowness, an artistic quest for the perfect image.

Tom Callemin's images demand months of preparation, during which he collects images, makes sketches and builds sets. Once in the studio, his search continues. Tom also makes significant demands on his models. He can spend an hour getting a hand in just the right position, or he may repeat the taking of the same photo for days at a time. In one of his series, Tom probes the influence of the camera (or its absence) on his models by photographing using a flash in complete darkness. This means both camera and photographer remain invisible to the subject; the trust, concentration and biting silence suddenly broken by the flashbulb are all palpable in these photographs. The result is a series of images that stick in your mind’s eye, in which the photographer strives to get very close to the inner life of his models.

In addition to portraits, Tom Callemin is also exhibiting his series of highly structured black-and-white images of desolate landscapes and people, as well as three video portraits. 


About Tom Callemin

Following his photography studies, Tom Callemin graduated in 2015 with a liberal arts degree. In 2014, he was one of ten photographers whose work was selected for the FOMU magazine .tiff. His early work has since been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Want to know more? Taco Hidde Bakker interviewed Tom on his work.

Image'Hole', 'Examination', 'Model III' and 'The Trick' by Tom Callemin
CuratorJoachim Naudts (FOMU)
In cooperation withFotomuseum provincie Antwerpen
Special thanks togallery tegenboschvanvreden and Galerie Zink