Tuning People


Kadrage is a wordless production as a trip, that draws on elements of visual art, performance and physical theatre, centred around an impressive structure. Thirty wooden frames symbolise an empty canvas, on which new pages, new perspectives and new challenges constantly appear. 

Within the confines of these frames, Jef Van gestel and Peter Vandemeulebroecke sketch out all the roles a whole life could contain: the child, the carer, the friend, the lover, the idiot, the prisoner, the released, the performer. Each frame acquires its own character by playing in succession with banal reality, dream images and with magical realism, making each frame an individual work of art.

In Kadrage, Jef Van gestel and Peter Vandemeulebroecke are both curator and performer. They search for a form of theatre that, as in an exhibition, communicates with the audience in an intuitive way. Starting each time with a white sheet, a new frame, they create an image that is beautiful, funny, fragile or intriguing. The scenes unfold as in a pop-up book.

Tuning People

Tuning People is a headstrong collective made up of artists Wannes Deneer (designer / sound developer), Jef Van gestel (theatre-maker/actor) and Karolien Verlinden (dancer /choreographer). With their absurd, playful ideas they make surprising productions for both children and adults. Tuning People make visual (audio) theatre with a leading role for the imagination. Experimentation is central and sacred cows can be fair game. For each production, the makers of Tuning People go in search of a challenging concept that brings together various arts disciplines. They love to wrong-foot the audience, confronting them with their own (viewing) behaviour. Their Do-It-Yourself style is ruthless and poetic. A production by Tuning People is like an affectionate, bizarre gift that turns your world upside down. Or like taking a bite of your favourite cake. And just not being able to get enough of it. 

Jef van Gestel
Concept and performance Peter Vandemeulebroecke & Jef Van gestel
Direction Harm van Geel
Performance coach Lars Brinkman
Sound design Ruben Nachtergaele
Light design Britt De Jonghe
Technique Jo Thielemans, Sarah Moens
Decor Sven Roofthooft & Tomislav Ruzic (Timecircus)
Costume advice Wim Muyllaert
Production Tuning People i.s.m Cultuurcentrum Berchem
Supported by De Vlaamse Overheid