Ode de Kort

Central to the first Dutch solo presentation of Ode de Kort, UU TWOO, are the elements O and U. They pop up frequently yet De Kort focuses even more on the linguistic, (typo)graphic and performative questions they generate. The exhibition stages a play of transliteration from script to body and back. This process translates into photography, installation, videos and performances.

UU TWOO, curated by Sara Giannini

Bodies that turn into letters, letters that turn into bodies. Figurative speech, figurative selves. UU TWOO continues the artist’s collaboration with O and U across performance, writing, installation and photography. Stretching the boundaries between identity and language, these two characters are both dramatis personae and typographic bodies. On page, on screen and in space, they move, walk and rehearse different positions. O can become U and U can become O.

UU TWOO stages a play of transliteration from script to body and back. Central to the mise-en-scene are new text films with O and U. On a backdrop of large paper scrolls, OO’S and UU’S engage in various scriptural choreographies. Then, an alphabet of legs stand out, a score of P’OSES in which the body of the artist becomes a cut-out sign. 

Preview Unseen: Fri 20 Sep, 4pm (invitation only)
Opening: Fri 20 Sep, 5pm - 7pm
Expo: Sa 21 Sep t/m Sun 13 Oct

Public program online as of 15 of August

In the press

"Ik blijf gefascineerd door de mogelijkheden van dezelfde materialen. En ook door de vorm ‘O’. We spreken het uit als een letter, maar het is nog veel meer: het is ook een teken, een cirkel, een klank. Sinds een jaar of twee is die cirkel ook opengevallen en een ‘U’ geworden."

▶︎ Interview in Metropolis M, maart 2019


"Dear Subbacultcha, I tried to provide you with answers containing the same amount of words as your questions."

▶︎ Interview op Subbacultcha.be in april 2018 

About Ode de Kort

Ode de Kort lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. She obtained a BA and MA in Photography at KASK School of Arts, Ghent. Coinciding with the solo exhibition UU TWOO in Amsterdam she will launch TWOO UU at SpazioA in Pistoia, Italy. De Kort participated in various group shows, including The gulf between at De Warande in Belgium and The Fox and the Grapes at Kunstvereniging Diepenheim in the Netherlands. In 2016 she was one of the 10 young Belgian photography talents selected for .tiff, an initiative of FOMU, Fotomuseum Antwerp.


About Sara Giannini

Sara Giannini is an independent researcher, curator, and writer based in Amsterdam. Informed by her background in theatre and semiotics, she is drawn towards the interlinking of language and performativity across a variety of (artistic) practices. Since 2017 she teaches performance at the Dutch Art Institute in collaboration with If I Can’t Dance I Don't Want to Be Part of Your revolution and is an advisor at Das Theatre in Amsterdam.