First cross-border BYOB edition big succes

In the spirit of good neighbourliness, media labs Nerdlab (Ghent) and SETUP (Utrecht) joined forces to organise the first ever cross-border edition of BYOB, with one evening in Ghent and one evening in Utrecht.

Bring Your Own Beamer – or 'BYOB' for short – is not only an idea thought up by Dutchman Rafaël Rozendaal, but – according to Nerdlab – also the most fun Dutch export product since hot snacks out of vending machines in the wall. The BYOB 'open source exhibition concept' invites makers of images from a wide range of backgrounds to bring along not only their beamers, but also their best digital projects to show to large audiences. 

“Bring Your Own Beamer is not curated, so it results in a really multifarious collection of contemporary media art. For a lot of creators of images, this is the ideal, low-threshold place to give new work or experiments their first public airing. Bring Your Own Beamer is not just a platform, but also a place where knowledge can be exchanged, where makers can meet and celebrate contemporary visual culture together. This is precisely the importance of doing it in different cities; many of these makers work in a very local scene and this gives them an opportunity to hugely expand their knowledge and network.” 
Organiser Frank-Jan van Lunteren, SETUP

More than 70 makers showed their work in each city and de Brakke Grond provided a touring bus so makers were able to show their work to their neighbours. A total of almost 3,000 visitors attended the event.

The success of the Belgian leg of BYOB was thanks in no small part to the experience and participation of guests from the Netherlands. The collaboration brought not only increased knowledge but above all also a great sense of enthusiasm from the various organisations involved. Enthusiasm, also for the next edition! 
Organiser Hannes D’Hulster, Nerdlab

This project was made possible thanks to support from Nerdlab, Fisheye, KERK, SETUP, Kapow, Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond and BesteBuren.


Aftermovie 2015 door SETUP

photos: Vicky Bogaert