'Flash Memory' is back in the lobby

A souvenir from Jan Rosseel's 'Back-up' exhibition

Flash Memory consists of oak boxes impenetrable to light that contain iconic images of historic events. Rosseel developed the images, but did not fixate the photographic paper and so the chemical process continues every time light hits it. By looking at the image it is affected, until it disappears in a black void. Every glance at the image simultaneously influences the photograph and memory; ultimately, only a select group of people will be able to view the images. In this way, our memory’s reliability has been equated with that of the photographic image. 


The boxes were already on display during the exhibition Back-up at the Brakke Grond from the 10th of December until the 29th of January. After a short break, one of them returned to our lobby. Come and check it out!


Back-up is a series of three exhibitions to be seen in Amsterdam, Ghent and The Hague. The next two parts will be on display at Museum dr. Guislain (Ghent: until 28 May 2017) and at Stroom The Hague (2 December 2017 until 18 February 2018).