Flemish sound and visual artist find their way to Dutch audience

With a little help from de Brakke Grond

More artists and musicians explore the boundaries of their genre or start a collaboration. The past year de Brakke Grond co three remarkable audio-visual programs including SOUND//VISION, a festival for the night owls among us. Which starts next week during the International Film Festival Rotterdam (28-31 January).

Inspired by the Grafixx festival from Antwerps the Flemish illustrator Ephameron brought a surprising concept to the stages of de Brakke Grond. A line-up with mostly Flemish musicians and illustrators. During Dubbelspel they where invited to an audio-visual clash. The result was a swinging jam session an inspired mixture between music and the lines of the artist projected on a big screen.

In the beginning of this year we collaborated with Fiber, on the performance program Cinematic Specimen, Coded Matter(s) #11. Where video and sound artists among which the Flemish Yves de Mey balanced in a collaboration between order and chaos. With the newest synthesizers, home made software and impressive video art technology became a physical experience.

Cinematic Specimen, Coded Matter(s) #11
© Jessica Dreu

Top photo: Dubbelspel by © Sven van Baarle


For the first time this year de Brakke Grond is partner of the night program SOUND//VISION on the IFFR in Rotterdam. A program which has been around for a couple of years under the name Mind The Gap. Also in this performance program interesting encounters between audio and visual arts. With a line-up including the following Flemish artists. Light and sound artist Kurt d’Haeseleer, Young Belgian Art Prize public prize winner Floris Vanhoof and the improvisation duo Dirk Serries & Teun Verbruggen.


Fragment from Centaure, by Kurt d'Haeseleer & Frank Vigroux

Sound//vision is a co operation with de Brakke Grond. Read more
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