Photography at De Brakke Grond during UNSEEN 2017

Light Displacement 

Visual artist Meggy Rustamova uses photography in her installation Light Deportations (2017) and video work L’invitation au Voyage (2014). She investigates the role of photography when depicting reality. The exhibition can be visited until 4 November, 2017. Read here for more.


Up-and-coming photographers from Belgium

Another exhibition is about ten talented Belgium photographers, from which the photo’s are selected by FOMU (Museum of Photography, Antwerp). In this way the museum gives voice to young photographers. In collaboration with FOMU, De Brakke Grond is happy to present the qualitative, groundbreaking photo selection.

Participating photographers are: Alexey Shlyk, Arnaud de Wolf, Calixte Poncelet, Jeroen Bocken, Maria Baoli, Massao Mascaro, Pauline Beugnies, Pauline Niks, Sine van Menxel en Thomas Nolf.

The exhibition is on show from September 22nd till October the 1st. 




Speed tours

De Brakke Grond is also open during Unseen Open Gallery Night on saturday 23  September 20:00-22:00. At this night De Brakke Grond offers speed tours. To make a reservation, please send an email to 

Photo credits: 

Maria Baoli, Tears, 2016 (right)

Alexey Shlyk, Fishing Shrimp, 2017 (left)