Something Raw

The final edition

Something Raw – one of the most promising and telling titles for a festival. “Something”: hard to define, defying genres, in-between. “Raw”: unpolished, confronting, bold. As the festival celebrates its sixteenth birthday, we have to ask ourselves: how long can you stay “raw”? After so many years of organizing this festival, has it become Something Familiar, Something Regular, perhaps even Something Safe? The festival has served as a platform for upcoming exciting talents from The Netherlands and Belgium to present themselves to a national and international audience. Moreover, it has brought provocative and inspirational artists from all over the world to Amsterdam to show their work to our local scene. Now, we think it is time for new initiatives, new plans, a new generation. Something Else.

This last edition of Something Raw will be the last instalment of this radical, innovative international dance and performance festival in Amsterdam. Something Raw questions the role of the theatre and the institution in relation to the world of dance and performance that go against the grain. What role is there for other spaces, such as the museum and the gallery? Or even the digital space?

For this last edition, we bring artist Grace Schwindt and her sculptures and performers into the Frascati theatre and place visual collective buren in De Brakke Grond’s exhibition space, where they will be showing live performances in their studio. Choreographer Simon Mayer will dissect musical ecstasy and choreographer Clara Amaral will illustrate her dance publication in words. Lester Arias, Milou van Duijnhoven and Orion Maxted have created new work specially for the festival. Maxted will transform theatre and audience into a collective intelligence – or a single brain. Helena Dietrich and Janneke Raaphorst will built a “playground” in which the audience learns once again how the body and the senses can be used.

Perhaps the framework these makers need can better be found outside of the theatre. Museums, exhibition spaces, corridors, squares or urban gardens can all act as a backdrop for these innovators.  Something Raw becomes something else. But we wouldn’t be Something Raw if we didn’t celebrate this end – or rather new beginning – with a fatal, unmissable club night. Watch, talk and dance with us into a new era!

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