• Karen Verschooren curator STUK Leuven
    Curator of the exhibition 'On Alchemy and Magic'

    Interview with Karen Verschooren

    “In an ostensibly rational society in which everything is supposed to be quantifiable and evaluable, there no longer seems to be any room for magic or the magical. However, if you use your eyes you will notice that magic is omnipresent."

  • De Brakke Grond on ARTtube

    It's official: De Brakke Grond and ARTtube have joined forces and are looking forward to a fine cooperation. From now on this is the place to be for all your stay-at-home Flemish arts needs.

  • An interview with the makers of 'Act! Cut! Play!'

    An ode to la mode... and more

    Fashion lives! Not just statically, in photos in magazines, but dynamically on the catwalk – but also, for the past ten years, in moving images. Fashion films are visually surprising, but the story is often thin as a sheer blouse. The Act! Cut! Play! project challenges makers from different disciplines – theatre, film, dance, fashion – to change this.

  • A souvenir from Jan Rosseel's 'Back-up' exhibition

    'Flash Memory' is back in the lobby

    The boxes were already on display during the exhibition Back-up at the Brakke Grond from the 10th of December until the 29th of January. After a short break, one of them returned to our lobby. Come and check it out!

  • Act! Cut! Play! conquers the world

    The fashion films have been selected for multiple film festivals around the globe.

  • The three fashion films "made us redefine and think about fashion and the value it has in society"

    Act! Cut! Play! featured in Metal Magazine

    "Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam contained many interesting fashion shows, but especially performances like Act! Cut! Play!