Deelnemers DocLab Academy 2015 zijn bekend

DocLab Academy biedt 25 talentvolle makers de kans zich zes dagen te verdiepen in interactive storytelling. Wat zijn de mogelijkheden van virtual reality, kunstmatige intelligentie en interactieve media? De deelnemers krijgen o.m. workshops en masterclasses van internationale nieuwe media pioniers.


Inbal Shirin Anlen, Israel

Antidisciplinary artist based in Tel Aviv. Focusing mainly on Interactive Documentary platforms & Digital art. She has been shown in group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.
Vistit her website


Thom van der Beken, Belgium

Belgian filmmaker based in Brussels and Tel Aviv. Has been making films and video installations for the past 10 years. More and more, he tries to blend these two ways of storytelling.


Kristof Bilsen, Belgium

Kristof worked in the performing arts prior to making documentaries. His film Elephant’s Dream screened internationally and won several awards. He is a founding member of Kitchen Sink Collective and Limerick Films.


Jessica Bishopp, United Kingdom

Jessica Bishopp is a filmmaker and interaction designer; experimenting with a range of media, her work is embedded in daily lives and thoughts; studying human interactions and habits.


Jensen Dehaes, Belgium

Jensen Dehaes is a serious game designer interested in the potential of new technologies and transmedia storytelling. Recently he’s researching ‘empathy gaming’ and ‘immersive journalism’.


Roeland Dijksterhuis, The Netherlands

Roeland Dijksterhuis is a filmmaker based in Groningen. He mainly makes documentaries and fiction films. He is studying script writing at the Schrijvers Vakschool Groningen (Writer’s School Groningen).


Noortje van Eekelen, The Netherlands

Noortje van Eekelen is a designer and researcher with a specific fascination for social, political and financial issues. She strives to present complex information as accessible as possible, with the aim to increase the autonomous decision making of the public.


Jasmina Fekovic, The Netherlands

Documentarista is Jasmina Fekovic’s work incarnation. She started her career as a filmmaker in the more traditional sense of the word, but already had a sense that traditional film understood purely in the context of a screening was not really where either her creative aspirations led or her sensibilities suited.


Valentina Gordeeva, United Kingdom

In 2014 Valentina Gordeeva graduated from the London Film Academy. One of her shorts was presented at Cannes Court Métrage 2015 and Portobello Film Festival 2015. Currently she is developing a documentary project which focuses on human rights in Russia.


Eef Grob, The Netherlands

Eef Grob is a crossmedia/interactive specialist and science communicator with a VPRO-background. Projects that she worked on include Beagle, De Volmaakte Mens and Labyrint.


Socrates Kakoulides, United States

Socrates Kakoulides is a physician and a filmmaker. He is a writer and producer on the United Nations Virtual Reality series, and creates health education content.


Hannah Kappes, Germany

Hannah Kappes is a crossmedia junior producer, currently working at gebrueder beetz filmproduction, Berlin. Before, she worked as a freelance journalist and radio host.


Lena Karbe, Germany

Lena Karbe is a producer at Tellux Next, Munich. She has initially worked for an international film distributer in Berlin in the field of acquisition and distribution and then moved into production with a focus on Transmedia Producing and international co-productions.


Alison Killing, The Netherlands

Alison Killing is an architect and artist whose work focuses on engaging people with how their buildings and cities work.


Nelleke Koop, The Netherlands

Nelleke Koop documentary filmmaker Amsterdam. Graduated at Dutch Film Academy 2009.

In 2010 she filmed the seven-part documentary aboard a Dutch navy frigate Midden in de Marine which was granted the ‘Golden Heron’, jury price for best commercial documentary.


Victoria Mapplebeck, United Kingdom

Victoria Mapplebeck is an award winning Multiplatform Director and Producer. Her recent project Text Me won The Merging Media Prize for Best European Cross platform Project.


Tim Paternoster, Belgium

Tim Paternoster is a 24 year old visual storyteller from Belgium. He sees the world and tells stories through his camera.


Zachary Sigelko, United States

Zachary Sigelko graduated from the University of Southern California's film production program in 2011, he now works as a freelance filmmaker in Chicago.


Elien Spillebeen, Belgium

Elien Spillebeen studied international politics, but got inspired by women in Eastern Congo and ended up filming. She does not see herself as a documentary maker, but she is looking for stories about women and their struggles in life to pass on.


Lyangelo Vasques, The Netherlands

Lyangelo Vasquez is a historian and a storyteller. He has worked for television but has a focus on online projects, which have become more and more creative as digital possibilities became more and more interesting. 


Yuri Veerman, The Netherlands

Yuri Veerman is a designer and artist. He researches the relations between intangible ideas like identity, folk and land and its tangible representations like national anthem, flags and language.  


Mirjam Verloop, The Netherlands

Mirjam Verloop is working as a front-end developer for a Dutch digital agency, she is very much interested in art and technology.


Pieter De Vos, Belgium

Pieter De Vos is a Belgian documentary filmmaker working mostly on political and social-economic stories. On various projects he has experimented with online distribution and storytelling.


Rabía Williams, Spain

Rabía Williams is a documentary director, creative producer and developer. She is co-founder of the creative association ACA that supports women creators and the head of the TALATALA FILMMAKERS’ documentary NEW MEDIA department.


Jens Wijnendaele, Belgium

Jens Wijnendaele is a Belgian graphic designer who recently moved to Amsterdam. Graduated at KASK Ghent as a master in Graphic Design. He works at a print collective (Topocopy) and did an internship at 019 (artist-run exhibition, concert and work space).



Onderdeel van IDFA DocLab & de Brakke Grond presenteren: Seamless Reality

IDFA DocLab Academy is een samenwerking tussen DocLab en de Brakke Grond.

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